The 5 Keys to Quality Training

To Accomplish something extraordinary…one must have extraordinary dreams. A goal so high and a dream so demanding that it’s achievement seems impossible to most.



 As I find myself stuck at home, I find myself dreaming of the impossible dream again.  Here I am, believing that the day will come when I too will cross that line that will re-define my existence.  So how will I go about doing the impossible?  Here are 5 steps that I continue to work on so that I will, someday, achieve my ultimate dream.  

  • Balance: Triathlon is a sport in and of itself.  It is not simply a combination of swimming, running and biking. As athletes, we constantly work to balance our strengths and weaknesses to train and race holistically.


  • Consistency is key: As triathletes, we weave together family, work, and challenging workouts that will prepare us for race day.  But this road is only paved with a realistic program that allows us to constantly invest in ourselves to go farther…with our families by our side and supporting us all the way to the finish line.  I am often amazed at what my family will do for me so that I can train just one more hour or what they will hide so that I eat healthily.  

  • Endurance: There is no other race in the world that will test your will and resolve like the Ironman.  A 2.1-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2-mile run will push you beyond anything you could have ever imagined.  Thus, training must reflect these tests of endurance.  If you can sustain, you will succeed.


  • Adaptability: Setting goals is the first step to success in an Ironman or triathlon race of any distance.  But it is only the start of the journey.  Flexibility is key to keeping moving…and we’re not talking about touching your toes without bending your knees here.  We’re talking about responding to our bodies and our lives.  We must work to prevent burn-out and prevent injury.  Listening to our bodies is the key to success in this.  While most triathletes have a do or die attitude, those who find success in the ironman are those who have learned to harness that and find that all-important balance of rest as well.

  • Recovery: All successful training plans will incorporate workouts ranging from full-on intensity to rest and recovery. It is important to remember to rest.  If you forget, your body will soon remind (and force) you to slow down.  Don’t wait until that moment.  It’s within these valleys that make the peaks possible to climb and both are essential to making progress. 


Employing these steps will help you to get the most out of the training experience and make it a tremendously enjoyable time. 

The Ironman will challenge athletes of all abilities and help us all realize that


Fat Lady

I’m Kimberly Becvar. I work full-time as an Independent Scentsy Consultant helping to bring joy to peoples lives with fragrance as well as a certified aromatherapist. I’m a second-degree black belt in tae kwon do, and in my “free” time – wait, what’s that? – I teach myself violin, work on Zentangles, and train for triathlons. I currently host 3 blogs, Sound Mind Academy, Common Scents Life, and this one. Writing is my passion and I hope to be a famous writer when I grow up

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