The Road To My First Ironman: Base Training Week 1

Base Training Week 1

Base training, week one began on a high note but ended in the worst way possible.  This week’s training seemed especially hard.  I am not sure why that is.  My swim seemed to suffer the worst of it.  Not to mention the week ended with a back injury that has me down (but not out).  I am grateful for the opportunity to take a week of rest and recovery.  It will help remind me what it is like not to be able to run, ride, and swim as I please and train hard.  

 I will be happy and grateful when I return to the sport I love. 

Down, But Not Out 

While I have this downtime, I will do more than just sit around.  The week will begin by working on improving my motivation to train hard and to stick with the plan.  

The bike course has recently been upload.  Studying the course and talking with those who’ve already had the opportunity to ride it, will help me to better understand what I am in for.  My downtime will help me to focus time on researching this.  I am believing this will help re-light the spark necessary to continue with the training when I feel better.

Also, I have decided it is time to find someone, online or in person, to be accountable to.  I am tired of training by myself and having no one to share my excitement with.  Many people have joined the online community on Facebook for the race.  




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